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ASTERISM is a site-specific installation running for 36 hours in a black box hall nonstop. In this setting a piece of nature is recreated which includes a mountain, soil, a lake and environmental aspects such as rain, heat and wind. The installation servers as a destination for a pilgrimage, where the audience can wander towards and then engage with the setting for as long as they want. The installation provides an immersive setting including performance, light and sound design and sections, in which the digital entity speaks to the audience.

The whole performance is subdivided into modules with different performers active in different sections. Like this it will make a significant difference when you enter the installation. The performative part consists of a choir, a percussion ensemble and dancers. It features aspects of rituals, machine-like behaviour, artificial movement patterns and virtual-like personas.

Concept, music, direction - Alexander Schubert
Choreography - Patricia Carolin Mai

Scenography and costumes - Pascal Seibicke

Scenographic advisor - Hervé Cherblanc

Assistant scenography - Johannes Fried

Light Joanna Ossolinska , Diego Muhr, Lasse Schönfelder

Video - Marc Jungreithmeier

Public participation - Gloria Höckner

Design virtual reality - Pedro González Fernández

Development reality virtual and scenography - Leonhard Onken Menke

Technical realization virtual reality, implementation - Sebastian Olariu

Virtual reality design assistant - Tobias Johannes Pfeil

Text co-development - Michael Brailey

Sound and spatialization assistant - Candid Rütter

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