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Dance, by Patricia Carolin Mai.

What on earth could be the reason for celebrating a joint festival for the public in the future? 100 people from Hamburg and other cities gather to answer this question and share their love of dancing.

Together they explore what they actually create as an image: What emotions arise when so many people fill the stage, overwhelm it, flood it, exhaust it? What role does dance play in this, which is often considered to have a communal gathering function?

RAUSCH is not just a piece, it is an exploration project about the dynamics of public gatherings: What distinguishes a crowd of people from a dancing crowd? In the Middle Ages it was assumed that people who gathered on the street and danced had contracted the dance craze. Dancing in public is much less suspicious today, but dances and touching are still rare in Europe beyond stages, clubs or raves. So what could be the reason for celebrating a joint festival for the public in the future?

Choreography and artistic direction: Patricia Carolin Mai

Dramaturgy: Anne Kersting
Musical direction, composition and live music: Maike Hautz
Composition and live music: Gabriel Wörfel
Transformative choral work and musical accompaniment: Anka Draugelates
Stage and costume: Maryna Ianina, Anne Elisabeth Schiller-Witzmann, Caroline Packenius
Costume assistance: Sophie Simon, Sabeth Valiensi
Lighting design: Diego Muhr
Scientific support: Britta Lübke
Artistic collaboration and communication: Lisa Lotte Giebel
Artistic assistance: Celia Iriria Valverde Gerner
Research advice: Liz Rech
Video and editing: Seda Kaçak, Daniel Takla Zehrfeld
Camera: Tobias Ochterbeck, Yunus Köylü
Photography: Öncü Hrant Gültekin, Tom Dachs
Text input: Tahni Holt
Graphics: Paul Rutrecht
Production management and PÖ: Alexandra Schmidt
Social Media Artist: Anna Havryliuk
Audio description: Irene Baumann, Nic Meyer
Video: Seda Kaçak, Daniel Takla Zehrfeld

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