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Site-specific performance.


AL LADO is a site-specific performance that seeks an in-depth perception of space from the concept of repetition. It took place at the closure of the exhibition “Both Sides of the Mountain”, curated by Eduardo Saubidet, at the AAMM gallery.

It was held in ‘Sanhattan’, the financial district of Santiago de Chile, on a wasteland where a building had recently been demolished, and which today boasts a massive glass skyscraper.

The performance was visible only from the AAMM gallery, located on the top floor of an adjacent building. A high wall of sharp wire separated the empty site from the building.

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Site-specific performance for 15 performers, 6 instruments, 6ch electronics, live video & library / by Oído Medio


ASEPSIS was a site-specific performance created by Oído Medio at/for the library of the Goethe Institut Santiago, in the context of the VIII International Meeting of Composers.

The library -in a neo-brutalist style- was surrounded by offices with transparent soundproof walls, and the roof wirings were exposed. The space was open, and the view went through the entire building from anywhere. A thick steel fence encircled the library securing the books, which were all in German.

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Music theatre. For 6 performers and technical equipment


CONSTRUCTION SITE is a music theatre piece staged through a dynamic and performative usage of technical equipment. 6 performers/technicians build their own micro worlds, small situations of the everyday that are interconnected; as a choreography with music that has been hidden from us. The stage is constantly re-configured, arming/disarming multiple 2-3 second performed images, snapshots of virtual spaces that overlap each other. lighting, rigging, cabling, focusing are composed, showing a temporal game on how space becomes real or not on a daily basis.

The performers are in a state of complete alienation. They are not aware of and do not see the movements of their partners and the entire choreography is based on a private listening to Johann Sebastian Bach's English Suite No. 5. The choreographic composition remains by silencing the original music upon which it was composed. It remains then only the form of an empty and inaccessible composition.

Premiered at the HfMT Hamburg in 2022 and performed as part of the WEPRESENT#21 platform at Lichthof Theater Hamburg.

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Performance for 5 walkers and light.


Recorded at Kraftwerk Bille Hamburg. To be premiered at next_generation festival by ZKM, 2021 online edition.

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Site-specific performance / installation. For 6 performers, light & department


INSOMNIO is a site-specific performance-installation that addresses the disruption of intimacy in a space that has become uninhabitable. It was created by Oído Medio and commissioned by the DosDos Art-Performance Festival, organized by Galería Espora.

The performance took place in two rooms inside a street-level apartment with large windows facing the sidewalk, in an abandoned building -currently demolished- located in the busy Manquehue neighbourhood in Santiago de Chile.

The 20-minute work was performed several days a week for three hours during pedestrian rush-hour.

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Site-specific video walk


MIND PALACE - is a site-specific video walk, a performative experience carried out in loneliness. Viewers are given an iPad and headphones and asked to follow a pre-recorded video through the Alster-Bille-Elbe PARKS area, a former parking lot in Hammerbrook, Hamburg.

The piece immerses the viewer into an individual Mind Palace, a mnemonic device adopted in ancient Roman and Greek rhetorical treatises. This so-called "method of loci"' is a strategy of memory enhancement that uses visualizations of familiar spatial environments in order to store and recall information.

Along the tour, intermittent images of a woman appear as codified memories saved by an anonymous person. These memories remain and construct the place from an individual point of view. This transformation of the space questions both the idea of appropriation of former non-places as an act of common re-signification, and the notion of a certain site as stacked -and highly individual- constructions of reality.

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Composed narration
for narrator, conductor & wind quintet.


MUTE is a “composed narration”, conceived from the traditional technique of recitative: There is an alternation in the hierarchies; at times the director is subordinated to the singer’s decisions and vice versa. It is designed to be performed in any black box theatre with minimal dimensions.

Space is activated by the arrangement of a conductor and a wind quintet (at one end of the room) and a narrator (at the other end). The audience is not arranged traditionally but is located in the centre of the room, dividing it into equal parts. The instruments in the quintet include piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon.

In order to amplify the facial gestures of both performers, two projections on the walls show up-close views of the conductor and narrator facing each other.

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for Ensamble


PAUSA is a musical piece that deals with the role of meta-text and instructions on the representation of a director’s body. It was composed for the Ensamble de Música Contemporánea UC directed by Aliocha Solovera, and premiered at the XXVII Festival Internacional de Música Contemporánea UC at the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, Santiago de Chile.

The piece was composed for a conductor and six instruments: Flute, violin, viola, cello, bass clarinet and piano.

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