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Music theatre. For 6 performers and technical equipment

Irini Aravindou, Tobias Pfeil, Alicia Reyes, Juan Jaramillo, Victor Gutiérrez, Isidora Caroca

CONSTRUCTION SITE is a music theatre piece staged through a dynamic and performative usage of technical equipment. 6 performers/technicians build their own micro worlds, small situations of the everyday that are interconnected; as a choreography with music that has been hidden from us. The stage is constantly re-configured, arming/disarming multiple 2-3 second performed images, snapshots of virtual spaces that overlap each other. lighting, rigging, cabling, focusing are composed, showing a temporal game on how space becomes real or not on a daily basis.

The performers are in a state of complete alienation. They are not aware of and do not see the movements of their partners and the entire choreography is based on a private listening to Johann Sebastian Bach's English Suite No. 5. The choreographic composition remains by silencing the original music upon which it was composed. It remains then only the form of an empty and inaccessible composition.

Premiered at the HfMT Hamburg in 2022 and performed as part of the WEPRESENT#21 platform at Lichthof Theater Hamburg.

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