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Site-specific performance / installation. For 6 performers, light & department

Oído Medio: Juan Luis de Camino, Eduardo Browne, Constanza Fredes, Vicente Larroulet, Emilio Adasme, Diego Muhr, Fernanda Morales, Nicolás Tracio Fuentes, Camilo Roca

INSOMNIO is a site-specific performance-installation that addresses the disruption of intimacy in a space that has become uninhabitable. It was created by Oído Medio and commissioned by the DosDos Art-Performance Festival, organized by Galería Espora.

The performance took place in two rooms inside a street-level apartment with large windows facing the sidewalk, in an abandoned building -currently demolished- located in the busy Manquehue neighbourhood in Santiago de Chile.

The 20-minute work was performed several days a week for three hours during pedestrian rush-hour.

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