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Site-specific video walk

Composition & Text: Diego Muhr
Performers: Eduardo Browne Salinas, Alicia S. Reyes.
Voice: Michael Brailey
Recording assistance: Tobias Pfeil, Juan Jaramillo Lleras.

MIND PALACE - is a site-specific video walk, a performative experience carried out in loneliness. Viewers are given an iPad and headphones and asked to follow a pre-recorded video through the Alster-Bille-Elbe PARKS area, a former parking lot in Hammerbrook, Hamburg.

The piece immerses the viewer into an individual Mind Palace, a mnemonic device adopted in ancient Roman and Greek rhetorical treatises. This so-called "method of loci"' is a strategy of memory enhancement that uses visualizations of familiar spatial environments in order to store and recall information.

Along the tour, intermittent images of a woman appear as codified memories saved by an anonymous person. These memories remain and construct the place from an individual point of view. This transformation of the space questions both the idea of appropriation of former non-places as an act of common re-signification, and the notion of a certain site as stacked -and highly individual- constructions of reality.

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