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Composed narration
for narrator, conductor & wind quintet.

Juan Luis de Camino, Eduardo Browne Salinas, Fernanda Baeza, Camila Duque, Mauricio Arriagada, Carmen Rodríguez, Montserrat Gerter.

MUTE is a “composed narration”, conceived from the traditional technique of recitative: There is an alternation in the hierarchies; at times the director is subordinated to the singer’s decisions and vice versa. It is designed to be performed in any black box theatre with minimal dimensions.

Space is activated by the arrangement of a conductor and a wind quintet (at one end of the room) and a narrator (at the other end). The audience is not arranged traditionally but is located in the centre of the room, dividing it into equal parts. The instruments in the quintet include piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon.

In order to amplify the facial gestures of both performers, two projections on the walls show up-close views of the conductor and narrator facing each other.

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